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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do you suggest we wear?

    Solid colors or simple patterns work best so they don't compete with the subject for the attention of the viewer.
    For Babies not yet sitting, avoid overalls and collars that will cover their face.
    Make sure to coordinate all the way down for full length poses.
    Keep clothing consistent for all subjects in portrait. Don't mix Dressy & Casual.
    Coordinate Colors - Light Colors on White/Light Background. Darker colors on Dark backgrounds create a more formal look.  

  • Can we purchase portraits separately from the collections?

    Yes, individual portraits are always available.

  • Do you have Gift Certificates?    
          Yes! Certificates can be purchased online or in person. Have them send to your email or mailed to an address within the US.
  • Can we use props?

    Yes! We have a collection of different props or you can use your own. If you're
    not sure what works just ask. It's no problem.

  • How can we make sure you capture what we want?

    Call for a complete consultation. We can discuss exactly what you are looking for from your portrait session. 
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