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 Being a Bride is a happy, wonderful, joyful, totally emotional, hectic, crazy chaotic mess! :) Now, the wedding is over and all is good. So, Relax! Make some fun exciting memories in the Dress you thought you would only wear once! "TRASH the DRESS" Walk out into a River, Jump into a swimming pool, Fling paint around the room!  Work on that old car in the garage with hubby?  Make the most of the dress that you would have just stuck in the closet.  

1Trash the dress, or rock the frock, is a style of photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. It is generally shot in the style of fashion and glamour photography. "Trash the dress" is the art of destruction or deconstruction of a brides wedding dress to create a new "artwork" that the bride would be proud to display on their wall. This new "masterpiece" is formed in the creative destruction of the dress.  A model often wears a ball gown, prom dress or wedding dress, and may effectively ruin the dress in the process by getting it wet, dirty , splattering it with paint or in extreme circumstances tearing or destroying the garment even cutting it to shreds.                                                       5  1  3  4  

Sessions start @ $125 and  include an 11x14 Wall Portrait


What to do with the Dress now?

Now that you have your fabulous photos and an experience you will never forget why not donate that special dress so that it can be used yet again?

Contact Wendy at  Save the Dress 

Wendy is collecting and restoring these gowns to give to those in need.  

From Wendy "I like to work with clothes and it's a challenge to me to get them restored.
You can't imagine how happy these people are when they receive a dress for their wedding."

Portraits by Rhonda

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Portraits by Rhonda